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First United Methodist Church Alabaster


FUMCA has a variety of committees that take care of the business of the church.  These committees are elected and appointed by the Lay Leadership Committee.  Terms of service are three years starting in January. 

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is the governing body of FUMCA.  Its members are composed of the chairpersons of the various committees and organizations within the church, as well as the Senior Pastor, Lay Leader, and Associate Lay Leader.  The Administrative Council meets quarterly on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Small Dining Room.  Everyone is invited to attend.

Family Committee

The Family Committee plans activities that bring the families of our church together for food, fun, and entertainment. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee assembles received operating budgets and gives reasons for recommended adjustments to these submitted budgets for Administrative Council decisions.  The Finance Committee reports to the Administrative Council, seeking approval on necessary needs and adjustments.  Any additional requested monies by committees of the church will need to seek Finance approval before it is taken to the Administrative Council.

Lay Leadership Committee

The Lay Leadership committee ensures the future vitality of the congregation and its various ministries by nominating and appointing church members to committee roles.


Organizes local missions and serves as a liaison between FUMCA and local charitable organizations such as Kids First, Manna Ministries, Jesus Works, and Operation Helping Hands.


Responsible for the facility, grounds, and all equipment purchased for or by FUMCA.  Implements procedures for Administrative Council approval for the safe operation and protection of our facility, equipment, and all owned assets.

SPRC (Staff Parish Relations Committee)

Handles staff and personnel needs, requests, policies, and procedures.  SPRC keeps the line of communications open between staff and laity and oversees staff job descriptions and evaluations.  The committee is confidential at all times.

For more information on the committees of FUMCA contact: 

Leah Bond, Lay Leader  

Pete Peterson, Lay Leader